New morning

Posted: Decembrie 14, 2012 in End of a highway

Danube in winterEntry log, 14 December 2012

In one morning, I’ve received a call from a old friend : „Hi dude, how are you?, come to  my place for a old nice coffee…”. I got my jacket and went to his place, he looked at me for 5 second without saying nothing and then comes whit a idea to go and see Danube(the village where i’m living  now it’s  very near of  Danube).After we finish  drinking our coffee, talking about  weather subjects, we went to see Danube. There, standing and watching on it, more flashing memories came in to my mind for about 5 minutes, after that, Ivan, my friend said: „Hey, come on, it’s cold out  here, let’s go”…


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